Hospice Care for you and your family

Hospice Care for you and your family Hospice Care for you and your family

A Letter From Our Medical Director


March 17, 2020

As medical care providers for the elderly and those with terminal illnesses, Silver Lining Hospice Care is doing everything recommended to protect the community and our patients from the Corona Virus. Both the Center’s for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human services have made their guidelines available to all medical providers and facilities. This is changing daily. As a family medicine physician, I would like to encourage everyone to remain current on the guidelines as they evolve. Please refer to both the CDC website and CMS website and review daily if possible, for your family and those in the community.

As we face the Corona Virus pandemic it is clear that our elderly and those with chronic medical conditions are most at risk from severe respiratory complications and death due to this infection. Unfortunately, medical treatment is not always effective once a person has been infected. Therefore, we join with the government in asking everyone to restrict their interaction with crowds and to practice “social isolation.” Social isolation means staying home as much as possible, refraining from meeting in crowds larger than 5 people and remaining 6 feet from other individuals. Particularly for those in nursing homes and frail elderly living in the community, do not visit in person if possible. Of course, elderly must be cared for and assistance provided as needed, but if your presence is not necessary, call them.

Silver Living Hospice Care is following these guidelines. We are calling our patients to monitor their wellbeing rather than visiting in person when possible. All are staff are checking daily for fever, cough or shortness of breath. If any of these symptoms occur in our staff, that individual is sent home to self-quarantine. This is the recommendation by CDC and standard practice. When caring for patients, our staff are wearing masks, gloves and personal protective equipment to further reduce risk of spreading this disease. If any of our patients contract this illness, they will receive medical care according to their wishes and plan of care. Corona virus is a variant of the common cold and is spread through airborne droplets and on surfaces. We are therefore wiping down all equipment with antiseptic wipes between patient visits so that no cross-contamination occurs between patients. Also, we have restricted travel for our staff members to further reduce the risk of spread of the Corona Virus. These are some of the guidelines that have been instituted since the pandemic began. We will update these further as necessary under the governmental guidelines as provided by CDC and CMS. 


Linda Lorene Garcia MD
Medical Director for Silver Lining   Hospice Care